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"Double 11" Sike Lynx ? If you think the "double 11" just days cat carnival day , then you are completely wrong.For home stores currently resentment , Guo Zengli think if home stores and shopping centers can change the attitude of similar operations , to bring more consumers to experience a sense , the effect will be even better.Store in accordance with the proportion of 20% deduction to count , this one trillion yuan turnover if the store is open , you can create 200 billion yuan rent. louis vuitton pet carrier " In the future there may be relying on the birth of a number of business entities and more competitive electricity supplier .It is said that a number of home store executives have ordered the factory strictly prohibited merchant shipping in order to install other electricity providers online ; allowed to use mobile POS electricity supplier , will be confiscated if found not only will be 10 times the amount of a fine , if the two violations directly cleared.

As a conservative rate of return of 5% according to the projected retail value is 4 trillion yuan . louis vuitton vera gm " In this regard, a "cattle ," said the "random back to the library ," makes this approach is no longer viable scalping , scalped tickets now often required a day in advance " reservations .The cosmetic platform " Le Bee Network " is destabilize " double 11" , a call for " Lafont Netsun female section , every day, double 11 " slogan , from early November to start discount promotions , events continue to the end of November .In addition to public copy Item , the Chaoyang Joy inventory Lynx will "double 11" the day of the offer, just go to the store co-branded two-dimensional code scanning can get vouchers in the brand Lynx mall .

louis vuitton vera mm Direct benefits from the local sales agents , if brands to join the "double 11" big promotion , sales agents will be directly affected.And Correspondingly , the first three quarters of this year, three percent of listed companies net profit decline department .Mall China Information Center Director Guo Zengli think , Chaoyang Joy itself is very complete package , the shopping center is first and foremost in terms of passenger traffic , followed by the turnover." Changed in the past , " one person dropped out , the other side will be able to brush immediately .Direct benefits from the local sales agents , if brands to join the "double 11" big promotion , sales agents will be directly affected.